Firmware Update 2:50 On the PS4 Give share with the PSN

Sony will announce the latest update for the PS4. Unlike the usual updates, updates for this time is not distributed directly to the userĀ  but distributed to certain people as a beta test. Because updates are not for this common, of course, the details of any new features that will be displayed is not clear, fortunately some lucky beta testers gave a report on this update via NeoGAF forums.


Here I will show some interesting features that have been confirmed are:

  • You will be able to go into suspend mode / rest without having to turn off the game.
  • Playstation 4 will have a button remapping feature, so you can to change the key functions like a PC.
  • You can remove the trophy list shows the numbers 0%
  • You can also search for information about the trophy along with a screenshot of the relevant trophy using the internet.

Share information about the trophies that you get along with the screenshot.
Videos recorded with the PS4 will have a speed of 60 fps

Features of the above features are looks very promising and will have a major impact on your playing experience. According to some information we received that this latest update will be available to the public in April 2015, although earlier pelirisan possible. Seeing the amount of attention given Sony to gamers. I think it’s time you move from the PS3 to the PS4 because you have a PS4 then you can play the games that are on the Playstation Network or PSN easily. So if you want get Free PSN code generator you can try on here

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Magic Touch: Wizard For Hire Review for Android

Magic Touch: Wizard For Hire is a very simple arcade game that utilizes the touchscreen to play at the same speed train you draw. In this game you draw a way to fight in the face of waves of enemies that continually strives to land on the roof of your palace. To prevent them get to the destination, you are asked to draw motifs contained in the balloon so that they could erupt before the robot to its destination. Here you are also asked to draw motifs contained in the balloon them to erupt before the robot reached the goal. Easy is not it?

Just like the game Gunbrick, Nitrome pretty good in presenting the game “doodling” This simple gameplay presentation very interesting to play. Every enemy that we face have one to several air balloon you need to pop the exact and quick. Interestingly of the game Magic Touch: Wizard For Hire is having the support of multi-touch features so that you can draw using several fingers simultaneously on the same screen. With this feature you can cheat by getting a friend to help you achieve a high score in leadboards if you use a tablet that has a screen size.


In addition to the enemy, in this game you can find balloons carrier crate that will give you gold coins to be purchased with a variety of power-ups and other items are available in store. Power up that you buy later will be a special spell that you can muster when the situation is not possible, such as lightning spell to destroy multiple enemies at once, hourglass to slow the enemy, toads to help you for a while and still many other special incantation .

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Clash Of Clans The Best Games of Years

Hi friends, good news for you that Clash of Clans will appear in Android. This game which has been a hit in the Apple Store with millions of players. This game has been developed by Developer Supercell will develop wings for Android. Currently they really think seriously about reality in the world of gaming, especially for Android.


In the game Clash of Clans is a war game genre allows you to build your village and train your army to fight against millions of players in the world. This phenomenal game will be provided free of charge, but here you used to buy the war, gems and gold to maximize defense and attack you. But without buying any appliance or gems you can play for free.

The reason why rare wild game on Android and iOS do not like in a lot of games are very nice there. The reason is a lot of that has been rampant piracy on Android. Because Android users have not really conscious to appreciate an application. But the game Clash of Clans is a premium so that the impact of the loss does not have a major impact if Supercell make this game for Android.

But with so, Android is very rapid market development at this time, the developer would not want useless in this opportunity because a lot of Android users worldwide.

This war game play is great fun, especially if you play it on the tablet. With a large screen allows ease of play. Plus this game has excellent control. Menu settings, chat and shop can be found easily. To graphically no doubt of visual Clash of Clans has a view that is very eye-catching. You just live your use 2 fingers to expand folders.

For it if you want to find Gems, Gold and Elixirs are unlimited you can visit the Clash of Clans Hack Online here

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This War of Mine Review

In the War of Mine This game will invite you to explore and engage in battle, here you not as a war leader or strategist and also not an elite soldier, but you are ordinary civilians who have to struggle to live in the middle of a war that is going on. This is arguably the War of Mine is a game like The Sims, but minus the element of happiness in it. At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose to play “Story” which. Because in every story consists of 2-4 characters in it and you can not define your own.


Here you will find a home that you can use to stay. Just like most simulation games, each character will have different abilities. For example Katia good at bargaining, with this character use you can do much more profitable barter rather than using another character. Arica able sneaked quietly, Pavle was a fast runner and many others.

During the day you will perform a variety of daily activities such as eating, sleeping making equipment, weapons, cooking and so on. At night you will set the search plan. One of the characters you’re going to look for equipment such as tools, weapons, components, food or medicine. The rest you can choose them to sleep in the bed or on the floor to keep watch all night.

you will choose an area you will visit based on the information that has been written. From here you can see and also can predict whether you will be assured of salvation or not when you get there. Originally you should know that not infrequently my character died while doing a search. There looks quiet area that turned out to have many snipers were hiding, but there is also a look dangerous but it turned out to be safe safe. And on different days of your visit will give different results.

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